Investor Portal



Your investor portal allows you to securely access investment documents, tax forms, transaction history, and investment correspondence— anytime, from any device.

  • Securely access investment documents, including tax forms, legal agreements, quarterly reports, notices, statements, and more.
  • Track your history of transactions and income as well as view investment performance through charts and metrics.
  • Tour assets through photos and integrated maps.
  • Rest easy knowing that your data is secured by the same encryption standards the world’s largest banks use.
  • Provide portal access to additional contacts, like consultants, custodians, accountants, or other team members.

Getting Started

You should have received (or will receive shortly) an email with instructions for activating your account. When you receive this email, click on the button ‘Activate your investor portal account.’

Select and confirm a password. Note that strong passwords are required. Review and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents, and click ‘Activate account.’


The dashboard appears first when you log in. From the dashboard, you can access:

  • A portfolio overview; hover over the bars to see additional metrics.
  • An interactive map of active assets in your portfolio.
  • A snapshot of current active investments and recent activity.
  • New offerings (if applicable).

To return to this dashboard at any point during the navigation, click on the logo in the upper left hand corner.


The investments section summarizes your investments (both active andcompleted), including:

  • Ownership and transaction details.
  • Charts of cash flow and asset allocation.
  • Capital account and/or invested equity balances (if applicable).
  • Return metrics like IRR, equity multiple and yield (if applicable).


The documents tab provides one place to access all documents across all investment entities, including notices and statements, quarterly reports, tax forms, legal agreements, and more. Note: documents that pertain to particular investments are also available on the documents tab of that investment.


The emails section displays all fund communications sent through this investor portal. All attachments sent through email are also available.