#137 with Dave Seymour: How to Operate a Fund with Over $100 Million in Capital

Eric Wilson
December 15, 2020

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Dave Seymour on his road from his first real estate seminar to operating a fund with over $100 million in capital. Dave is a real estate celebrity from Boston, Massachusetts. In this episode, we dig into topics like: education as a real estate beginner, experience from TV flipping, today’s flipping tactics, and more! Top Takeaways: Taking a “risk” on education as a real estate beginner - 14:45 - 21:00

Many people may see real estate coaching or paid groups as a waste if you’re going to quit later

For this reason, you should treat any education you buy as accountability to that investment

If you throw away that investment you only have yourself to blame

The difference between flipping and flipping on TV - 27:45 - 31:15

The novelty wears off after a couple seasons, then it gets hard to balance business and production

These days, displayed costs have been fudged a bit and it can give the wrong idea

The timelines the shows claim are sometimes visibly wrong

Flipping tactics for today - 32:00 - 00:00

Currently the highest priority in a flip should be speed

If you can’t complete purchase to sale in 45 days, you become vulnerable to an uncertain market

As soon as interest rates change, the value in a deal with tight margins might evaporate

How to bring value to Dave Seymour:

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