Jack Canfield: Learn the Secret to Financial Freedom

Eric Wilson
November 12, 2020


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I herebysay Yeah. Okay, you ready, Dave? I'm ready whenever you about Okay.


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Hey,welcome everybody. It's jack Canfield, your host. I'm here with another episodeof talking with experts. And I'm really excited today. This expert is someone Iactually know, for a long time. He's an amazing person doing amazing things inthe world. And it's come from what you might call very ordinary background andbecome a very extraordinary individual doing extraordinary things. So my guesttoday is Dave Seymour. I'll give you a little bit of a formal background of himand then we'll dive into some questions we'll give you a sense of what'spossible in life for you. So after 16 years as a firefighter and a paramedic,Dave launched his career rapidly becoming one of the nation's top real estateinvestors. And his underbridge passion for business and real estate has put himon the radar of a television network, as well as multiple news organizationsincluding CBS, ABC, CNBC, and Fox News. And Dave's reality TV series calledflipping Boston posted the highest ratings ever for the a&e network at thetime of airing. And Dave has been called a tell it all like it is or tell itlike it is mentor. He has partnered with investors on their very first realestate deal, as well as guidance, some of the largest investment firms in thenation through very complex transactions. Dave is now the CEO of freedomventure investments, and manages 100 million dollar private equity fund,investing in the Gulf Coast region of Florida. So Dave, welcome to the show.I'm really excited to have you here. JACK not not as excited as I am. And Itell you, I'm listening to that introduction. And I'm thinking to myself, who'sthat guy, he sounds he sounds kind of cool. I wonder what he's gonna say. Andthen I have to pinch myself because it's me. Thanks for having me. But I reallyappreciate it. Thank you. You're very welcome. I have that experience.Sometimes when people introduce me, and they go, wow. Exactly. totally relateto that.


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Totally.For sure.


Jack Canfield 01:59

Now,you're someone who's done a lot of things in the world and become quitesuccessful. It wasn't always that way for you. And I know that you were exposedto the success principles and my philosophy of success. Talk about when thathappened and what that was like for you.


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Yeah,jack. It was pivotal. It really was one of those pivotal moments. You know, meman, I could I could go for four hours. So I'll try I'll try to be verycognizant of our time but my story is very typical jack, I came from a workingclass background I'm an immigrant to the states from England. My father saidwork hard Don't lie. Don't cheat, don't steal. Do your eight hours of solidwork for the man pay attention Keep your head down. Right and don't ask anyquestions. Right? It's Kate you're not me jack is kind of very typical philosophy.for for for society, whether it's England or America. So I followed the planand I followed it all the way into financial financial ruin, to be frank withyou emigrated came to the states in 86. bounced around for a while andeventually landed one of those good government jobs jack I got my got myself ajob as a firefighter and a paramedic just north of Boston, Massachusetts. Iloved it, jack. I loved it. Man. I love the camaraderie. I love the action. Ilove the adrenaline rush. I always had a little bit of a dysfunction in me, ifyou will. It's probably one of the reasons why I'm sober over 30 years now isthat dysfunction that that that that action driven gene, but I didn't I didn'tunderstand finance jack and I had lost one marriage and my second marriage waswas not doing well. And it's funny people people fall apart more over finances,I think jack than most other things. And the marriage wasn't good. I lost theability to really communicate. And my house was in pre foreclosure was right beforethe market crash. And I'm screaming and shouting, my higher power mic guy andI'm like, help me out. Well, yeah, you know, I've done everything my fathersaid I was supposed to do I was working up to 120 hours every week for somebodyelse. And that was a commercial on the radio, teach me foreclosure. And I wentto a seminar I went I you know, as, as people do for personal development, andfor business opportunities, and real estate and stocks, and I was seeking, andI learned a long time ago, those that seek shall find. And I found myself in areal estate seminar. And because of that, I then found myself looking for waysto To be frank to change because if I bought the same person into the businessworld that I bought into, you know, working 40 hours for somebody else, itwasn't going to work. I needed to develop my entrepreneurial spirit. And that'swhere I met you to watch the I watched the movie The secret, I read the book.Out of all of the experts on there, I dialed in with you more than anybody else.And once I saw the, you know the the principles, it made sense. those that seekshall find. And it's funny jack, I said this when I had a chance to meet withyou. I sat in the firehouse very early in my career and I was watching somesome video work that you were putting out. And I kind of like sent it out tothe universe, like I was trying to. And I said one day, one day, I'm going tosit down with jack camp. And I'm going to say, Thank you, jack. And I went outthere, right, just like you did with the check on the ceiling, and I throw itLook, it still chokes me up today. I threw it out there. And I just let itwork. It was an engine in the background. And as you know, I think it was maybeeight years after I sent that into the universe. I got a TV show somerecognition. And the next thing I know, I'm driving up your driveway, there wasa there was a drought, and I'm driving up your driveway, I walk into yourliving room, and you put your hand out and you said Hi, I'm jack Canfield. Whatcan I do for you? And I think I cried like a baby and I said something like,nothing jack, you already did it. So that's really it civilized man. That'sreally the fact that you had been working not only in my life, but millions ofother people's lives consistently. Was was an engine. For me. It was powerfulstuff. So anyway, I hope that answers the question as contritely as I can.Because you know me, man, I'm a talker.


Jack Canfield 06:33

No, thatwas great. That was great. So I'm curious how long were you a firefighter?


Dave Seymour 06:37

1616years check.


Jack Canfield 06:40

16 yearsfirst responder? I love it.


Dave Seymour 06:43




Well,first of all, let


Jack Canfield 06:45

me justsay thank you for your service. Because I think you know, today we're reallyappreciating ever since 911. And now with all the people that are, you know,the Coronavirus and the EMTs, and so forth. Now, we almost did a Chicken Soupfor the Soul book called chicken soup for the first responder. So we keptstealing stories from that book and putting them in other books. And so wenever did that one. But my brother was a psychologist who used to work with thefire department in Phoenix, Arizona. And you know, a lot of times there's somepretty traumatic things that you guys had to deal with and face. And he wouldbe the one that would be called the middle of the night and said you got totalk this guy down. And I have a great deal of respect for what you did doappreciate it. Yeah. So you got really deeply involved in personal development.Talk about that just a little more.


Dave Seymour 07:31

I did. Idid. Just Just as a little side note, I actually met my wife, Mary Beth,because of being a first responder. She was a labor and delivery nurse. And wemet we met in the labor and delivery room. Delivering somebody else's baby.It's not where you usually go for a hookup or or a day. But you know, even eventhat itself, like your question is you've got heavily into personaldevelopment. here's here's what I did was I began to be open. And I think Ithink that's critical. And I learned that from you one of the principles waslean into it, right? lean into lean into being open to change, lean into beingon a vibration that is given to you from your universe, whatever title you wantto give it. And I really believe that and I learned through trial and error. Ilearned through practice and knowing that perfection is is doesn't exist. Youknow, perfection is the is the the Nemesis of progress. But I always stayed atjack whether it was you know, read i'm not i'm not an academic. I say that somany times like, you know, jack Canfield, you're known to me, like to me, Iwould say he's an academic, right? Like just heavy into the the philosophies inthis and the systems and the details behind it. And there is no right or wrong.I am the opposite of academic. And yet we both create great things throughpersonal development. My mother used to say to me, David, you're a bull in achina shop. And she's absolutely right, I learned that I can still be on thepath of personal development, even if I just make a mess around me and bringthe right people along afterwards to monetize it and put the pieces together.My wife says to me so often jack, she says, I forgot that I was married toHurricane David, right. But she's the anchor, like I've learned, I've learnedthat I don't have to be through personal development. I mean, a lot of therapy,you know, sober 30 years, every meeting I went to was it was a therapy session,every couch that I laid on, over the years, you know, to process the pastwhatever the past is for you. And, you know, my wife would say to me, she'dsay, you know, Hurricane David is whirling today and I use the site and Thankyou for being the anchor that I need to keep me on the ground. I learnedthrough personal development that my ego is can can. My, my competitive nature,and my entrepreneurship can sometimes get shielded with my ego, right? And it'slike, I always have to check my motives. And I learned all of these things throughpersonal development, what is my intention, and my is my goal to leave arelationship, whether it's three seconds, or 30 years is my goal to leave thatrelationship in a better place. But it was in when I found it when I left it.And if I, if I can do that, on any scale at any time, money, people COVID No,COVID babies dying, babies being born. People live people die. It's a processand a journey. And if I can, if I can keep that in the forefront, I've foundI've found great joy to come into my life. Am I perfect? jack? Do I get itright? Every day, dear Lord, no. Guilty is charged, you're gonna failmiserably, consistently apologizing to your old, my eight year old son, becausedaddy's off somewhere else doing something else mentally and not being present.So you know, personal development is a personal journey. It really is I whenyou when, when you ran the class, we were in Philadelphia, and it was abreakthrough to success class. And, you know, we would hug each other everymorning and not speak. And meditation and just the the, the excessive focus onpersonal development was such a gift, right? For those five days, I think, noCologne, you couldn't have cologne. You couldn't, you couldn't try and like geta little love relationship going while you're there. That's That's it, it waslike, it was like it made sense, right? You know, internal desires for sex, andlove, and food, and all of those things. Those are all those are all coredesires that they're every day with thinking about a higher level of personaldevelopment is what jack could say. But I went through that class man, andthere were absolute miracles that happened to me, and that I shared with otherpeople. And I just, it's been amazing to be to be in the right place at theright time, more often than not think about that for a second to be in theright place at the right time. More often than not, why me? Why did I getchosen to be in those places at that time? Real simple, jack because I made aconscious decision to do the work. You laid out the work, and I did it. Not allof it. The top but I tried.


Jack Canfield 13:00

Doesthat makes sense. Now it totally makes sense. I think you know, I always tellpeople you know, you got to get off your couch out of your house and do thethings that produce success and most of those are uncomfortable like leavingBoston going to Philadelphia, spending five days away from your wife who youabsolutely love and your kids and all that because you're committed to your owndevelopment and knowing that that development will impact others around youlike the stones thrown into the pond that has a ripple effect in the world andyou because you made a decision to leave what was an excessively you know 120hours a week you mentioned in the in the fire department. It's a lot of workalthough some of that was sitting in the fire department waiting for somethingto happen but the reality is that you that had to be uncomfortable you know togo out on your own to risk doing something you've never done before to take a shotat investing your hard earned money in something you weren't sure would workand and then also the personal development stuff, the seminars on real estateand investing and all that. And yet it's the people who do that work to get outof their comfort zone. Who in fact grow you know, it's like you always say ifyou want to lose weight hang out with a lot of thin people and watch what theydo you want to be more successful hang out with successful people and about aminute why you


Dave Seymour 14:16

got tobring up the weight thing you can't even see I've got the camera zoomed in. Imade my way through COVID jack I use


Jack Canfield 14:25

one ofmy friends that they talk about the quarantine 15 you know the pounds you gainor the one of my friends had recently you either come out of this a hunk ofjunk or a drunk. Yes, you work out all that extra time or you eat too much oryou drink too much. But nevertheless, I wasn't. I wasn't thinking of you when Isaid that day. But it's all about me, jack.


Assistant 14:46

Thereyou go. There



you go.


Jack Canfield 14:47

I have aquestion. I'm just curious. You are doing your EMT thing you bring in thiswoman I guess who was pregnant? I know what happened but the birth where youmet your wife? Yeah. How did you What was that? What was that spotter? Here youare, you're in this emergency situation, you're working together, I just wantto know how you two fell in love with each other in that environment.


Dave Seymour 15:10

That's,that's crazy. That's crazy. I had my second marriage, it fell apart because Icouldn't be present. My second marriage, I had an eight year old son who's now25 years old. And I wasn't looking for love, I kind of written it off. But tocircle to my point, before I was I had to do 24 hours of labor and delivery.And I had to witness or assist in two births. It was part of my training to bea paramedic rather than just an EMT. And I walked into the into the labor andMarybeth was there at the nurse's station. And I said, Hi, I'm David, I'm theparamedic student. And she said, Oh, great. That means I'm stuck with you. Shesaid, I'm Mary Beth, I'm going to be your nurse. She said, Whatever you do,don't stick yourself with a needle while you're on my shift. And she was shewas fiery, she's a tiny little thing, five foot two, probably 110 poundssoaking wet, French, Canadian. And look, man, you know this, there are peoplethat come into your life. And for some reason you pay attention, you can alwaysput your finger on it, it I think she would be the mother of my children. Now Idid. I had that wasn't my intent. But she had gone through some of our ownchallenges recently a death of a brother. Her family was hurting. They werejust they were just hurting. And I bought sobriety to that relationship. Ibought a level of I would say consistency to that relationship in a chaoticworld. And very slowly, but surely, I used to say too early in our timetogether dating, I used to say I pray that one day. You see, when you look inthe mirror what I see when I look at you, because look, after many years ofsobriety and being around people who self medicate. You're tuned into who'sreally there the true essence of who we are. And I always used to say to her,you are beautiful, dignified woman. Let's let's find her. I said but I do havesome some contingencies and substructure. And I'd share about some of some ofthe things that were acceptable and not acceptable in my life. And she camealong and it's funny jack, she said to me, and we just spent one day together,and then another and then and it grew. But she said to me, she said, I don'twant any children. I was 38 I think when I met Marybeth, and she was 27 or 28,not 29. And she said, I don't want any children. And I'm thinking that's great.I'm good. I don't want any kids. Either he or she lied. Because we then wentback to the same. We went back to the same labor and delivery room that we metin and delivered my first my first boy Jefferson he's now 10 and then my mylittle devil incarnation Bennett. He's now eight years old, and he just he justdoesn't care. He's a little mini me jack and he scares me. He scares the heck.I'm like 250 pound picks a plum area. And this little this little flaw. Thislittle beautiful creature looks at you. And he's like, No, dad. Not What do youmean? No, you're eight. I'm yet father. I don't care. You don't understandthese like defending themselves over and over again. So, you know, my life'sknots man. I'm 5053 years old and I got to play the 27 year old game. It's great.I wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't have any right. So yeah, she's therock that I get to stand on. See if I can look cool. That's that's the truth ofthe matter. And it's work. It ain't easy, brother. It's work.


Jack Canfield 19:09

Yeah, Ihear you. I hear you. Parenting is one of the greatest challenges of the worldas well as relationship. Like, I'm in my third marriage, but we've beentogether 23 years. And you know, I I was I was gone a lot too in the first twomarriages where I was underwrote all the time teaching. And that wasn't goodfor the relationship wasn't great for the children so I can totally relatethem. Now with COVID. I'm home. I've been home for five months, and six monthslonger than I've ever been home in my entire adult life without traveling. Andthat crazy. I've been out of the house five days. Five times. I've gotten in mycar since since March 10. And the last time I did it, I went out to get in mycar and I noticed there was a what he called a spiderweb between the tire andthe wheel well of my car. I hadn't driven it for so long. So I'm curious. Butyou know, let's use that as a segue from and here we are your COVID-19,lockdown and all that least in California. And, you know, you're in the realestate business of flipping houses, you're also an investor, you've got thisinvestment group now, how have you been pivoting? or dealing with? COVID-19?How's that affect


Dave Seymour 20:22

you?Have you have great questions? Look, jack, you know, this, I mean, this is, thisis core principle education, we we're in a position now, you know, culturally,where we are dominated by fear. Fear is fear is the dominant emotion period.And, you know, can we, they call it sheet therapy, right, you just pull thesheets up over your head, and hope it all goes away. And society wise, all ofthat fear manifests and grows, it has such a such a snowball effect to it. Whatthat does in business, fortunately, unfortunately, however, you stand on thefence or the other line on it, it creates Amazing, amazing opportunities.Because everything that's up is now down. And everything that was down is nowup. So in single family houses, for example, I have probably walked away jackfrom 10 deals that I would have jumped jumped on pre COVID. And when I say adeal, I mean, buy a house, fix it up and sell it. Well, I've walked away fromthem. And the question will be well, why did you walk away from and what wasCOVID impact? Well, COVID, because the government has now gone out and bailedout the problem without physically letting it happen. And what I mean by thatis, is all those trillions of dollars that the government has put into theeconomy, and it's not, I'm not going to do a political thing, yet, we can't.But what we can say is, is every action has a reaction. So the action of allthat additional stimulus, capital forbearances on foreclosures, you don't haveto pay your rent. All of these situations create massive uncertainty for realestate investors who have the intelligence to ask the questions. So I steppedback in the early part of the year and looked at it. And I said, here's, here'swhat I have to do, I have to control the capital, I can't be relying on WallStreet to buy mortgages, I can't be reliant on going to my smaller banks forloans, I can't do it, I have to control the capital. And if I control thecapital, then I can buy assets based on their current value in the multifamilyarena where we invest now, large apartment complexes, primarily in the GulfCoast region, because I've got a fantastic team down there. But with thoseassets, I buy them based on what their value is today, not a pro forma, becausewe don't know what tomorrow brings. And then I just look at the past 12 monthsof income on these assets. And then I make a financial decision. And what thatdoes is it's be frank with you, jack, it takes me out of myself, I don't havetime to be scared. Right? Because if I'm in motion, if I'm moving forward, oras jack says, leaning into it, right, I don't have the time to sit still andworry. A friend of mine years ago said to me, he said, write down a list of theproblems that you perceive you have. He said now on that list, he said writedown the ones that you believe God can take care of all your higher power oryour belief, whatever you want to call it. He said, and then write down thelist of things that you believe you can take care of. He said and put that tolist in two bags, he said, then revisit it three, four months from now and seehow God did it. And it's almost it's that that process of letting go of all ofthe angst that is out there right now in the marketplace. We have a say in inAI and it says let go and let God I can't he can I think I'll let him. And Ikind of used those philosophies in business today. I can't control what's goingto happen in six months from now. What can I control today for my investors andfor my business, is I use ultra ultra ultra conservative analysis. I protectprinciple, hedge The downside and accelerate the upside. And that's very bigpicture. If we went super details, we'd be here for a month. But that's reallywhat COVID has created. It's created a massive amount of volatility as we knowin the marketplace, volatility in analysis of single family homes. And it'svery it's it's it's interesting if you think about the interest rates and whatthe banks are doing, I mean, it's it's a crazy time, jack. So look within allof this chaos of massive opportunities and My goal as an investor for myself,like I said, in my investors is to pick the right deals. And we've been able todo that. So yeah, crazy. Cool.


Jack Canfield 25:09

So letme take you backwards in time a little bit from now. Okay, he's you startedthis very successful flipping Boston television show. And we talked earlierabout how the principle just lean into it was part of that. Can you talk aboutthat? Yeah,



yeah, I,


Dave Seymour 25:26

I wentto that seminar. For a company that doesn't even exist today. It was aneducational company. And, and you have i, you and i have debated, you know, theseminar world, and, you know, investments and sales and those kinds of things.But I went into that, and I looked at Marybeth, when we went to a three dayclass, and my house was in pre foreclosure. It was a crazy time. I had $70,000,in unsecured credit card debt when I walked into that class. And Mary Beth andI even just got married, or we were, we were dating, maybe a year or so. And Ibegan to hear financial education as well as real estate. And also it's alwaysunder under tow with personal development, right? They go hand in hand, theybut they're not they're not apart from each other as far as I'm concerned. Andat the end of this class, it was $27,000 to invest in in some real estatetrain. And that was the first day I leaned into it. And they sit them out. Shesaid to me, what do you think I said, here's what I know, baby. I said, I can'tkeep doing what I've been doing. I'm running out of hours in a week. I've losttwo marriages. I've almost lost myself. I said, I have to do somethingdifferent. And the rock that she is that was the day that she leaned into itwith me jack and she said Go get them killer. She said I'm proud of you and Ilove you. She said I support you and whatever it is you want to do. And weactually have the inside of our wedding bands. We've got you know, Gigi Go getem Kay ggk IL Why go get them killer. I love you. It's it's engraved in our inour wedding bands. And she leaned into it with me. And what I did was was Itook the first step. I think it's Martin Luther King that says you don't haveto see every every step to descend or ascend the staircase, or something alongthose lines. I'm not thrilled. Maybe that was your quote, object. But it waslike I took the first step in faith and leaned into it. And when I metresistance, I prayed, I meditated. Am I going in the right direction? Am Igoing in the wrong direction? And I listened those that seek to find I listen,I listen for answers. I prayed. I kept moving forward. I checked my motives, Ileaned into it a little bit more and a little bit more. And I started gettingsome results and the people who are educating me back then notice my results.People started to pay attention jack. And they said that kids seem always seemsto be going out there and you know, kicking ass and taking names. Well, what'she doing? Oh, really? He's actually doing what what we taught him to do. That'samazing. Oh my lord, it actually works. And they said to me, do you want to doyou want to teach? And I'm like, What are you talking about? I'm only $50,000in credit card debt and you want me to go teach financial, you know, educationand real estate. And there was a speaker that said to me his name was johnChilders. I don't know if you know, john jack.


Assistant 28:32

I knowthat big. Yeah.


Dave Seymour 28:35

Yeah.Yeah. John's John's old school. And I was teaching and I was doing sometraining. And I said to him, I said, john, I feel like a fake. He said, Well,what do you mean? He said, You're one of the best storytellers I've ever heard.And I'm like, Well, thank you very much. I still feel like I feel like a fake.I'm I'm talking financial independence. I'm broke as a joke. What do you mean?He said to me, David, he said, what we do is he said, first of all, you can bea reporter. I can't be jack Canfield. There's only one jack Canfield, but I canreport jack Canfield trainings and teachings and success like that, when you'retrying to try and online. I can report that power. And I can share it withpeople. He said, and if you're okay with reporting other people's successesuntil you get your own, then you could be very, very good at sharing financialeducation and personal development and those kinds of things. He said, David,there's a lot of hope in the world. And hope comes with a price. Some peoplewill pay it and some people won't. You're not responsible for everything thathappens afterwards. Stand in integrity, deliver the truth, and own it. Ownevery moment. Still gets me so I took that and I ran with it, jack. I ran withit. I leaned into it. And out of that. I sent an apple one The the educatorsthat was kind of like in that sphere of teaching and we do multiple speakerevents in those days, as you know, Branson was his name. He was an online guy.And he sent me a link in 2008. I think it was he sent me a link. And it saidthat this film company in New York was looking for new talent for a TV show.And I was like one of many I'm sure he sent a link to. So it was, it was avanilla. It was of a Miller application. So I've now been surrounded by peoplewho thought differently, acted differently, reacted differently. Like they wereon a different level, because now I'm in with entrepreneurs, and millionaires.And I'm, you know, I'm rubbing shoulders with guys like you even though it wasthrough the computer, I'm still hanging out with jack in my head. So myreactions to things are now different. So I looked at this vanilla applicationfor the TV show, jack and I went, how can I make it different? Because there'sgoing to be thousands of people who want their 10 minutes of fame. I loadedmine with profanity. Some of the worst profanity you could ever imagine. I putit all in my application. Name of your your LLC. I named it go Be yourself LLC.Don't muck around, get on a plane train or automobile come to Boston. I threwsome more insults in there in this application. Don't call me. I do real estatethe same way I do firefighting, but every other people Russ brushes out, we gorushing in. I'm big. I'm bad. I'm British. I'm the I'm the I just made up thisfrickin cat. And I sent it in. And as I'm on this call, will you now jack?Within, I'd say four minutes of pressing send my phone rings with a 212 areacode on me. It's New York.



I pickup the phone. I


Dave Seymour 32:01

said, Ithought I told you not to call me you a whole book. And I hung up the phone.The kid calls back again. And he's laughing his rear end off. And he says tome, he says you're either crazy. He says, oh, you're a genius. I said to him, Isay Come on, man. Is it really any difference? Let's go. Let's start filming.And that's how we got a show. And then they said, you know that big Englishguy? Yeah, they came out they filmed a little bit. An a&e network said thatbig English guy looks like he could get pretty angry. Let's see some more ofthat. So then I had to be big, bad angry day, you know. And then we had to playthe part of my ex partner Peter. He was like, the design a guy. I'm like theconstruction guy. And we did four episodes and figured that was the end of it.And son of a gun, we got the highest ratings on a Saturday morning that he hadever seen. Right? So we need, we need 13 more episodes, and then another,whatever we did after that another 12. So we're doing like 29 episodes and fourseasons. And it was pretty chaotic, you know, from from filming the secret howcrazy it can be to, to keep on doing that stuff over and over again. So thatwas how it all started. Like I just leaned into it, jack.


Jack Canfield 33:13

Good foryou. You know what, it's funny, cuz you had said earlier, you were kind of wildand your wife was the more serious wine or whatever. And I always say there'sin every relationship. There's a string and a balloon. And it's that dynamictension between the balloon and the string that makes something interesting. tostring. Let's just say sit on the floor. Two blows just fly away. And totally.


Dave Seymour 33:32

Yeah, soyeah, for sure.


Jack Canfield 33:36

Whatshould I say? You demonstrated what you were talking about with greatperfection here with that story.



Thankyou very much. do the best I can.


Assistant 33:44

I loveit. For sure. I love it.


Dave Seymour 33:45

Ithasn't been a trip, man. It's been a journey.


Jack Canfield 33:48

Well, Iguess you enjoy yourself when you're working. That sounds like the for you.It's a lot of fun.



Let meask you a question. Do we have a choice? I think we do. JACK. Right.


Jack Canfield 34:01

I thinkwe do. Yeah, absolutely. And I think you know, you know, my, my missionstatement is to inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in thecontext of love and joy. And the joy is the fun part for me. You know, it's,you know, I'm a little irreverent myself, which you probably seen, I can I cantell an off color joke pretty well. And I enjoy that. But at the same time, I'mvery respectful of people and I think you are too. So the funniest part of itfor me, there was a woman that who was one of my mentors, Virginia City whereshe was a great family therapist. She had these t shirts that said somethinglike IFIF or something like that. If it ain't fun efit You know, you're a womangiving out these t shirts, you know, as he said, if it's not fun, you shouldn'tbe done a joy is your feedback mechanism that you're on. You're on courseyou're on purpose. You're doing what you're meant to do. And when you stopenjoying If it means you're not on purpose, you're not doing the thing that'sgoing to fulfill your destiny and really bring you into the full expression ofwhat you're here to do and to express in the world.


Dave Seymour 35:09

I tell Itell you, I, one of my, my science, and it spawns from that, that philosophyis, I spent many, many years of my life unhappy. And today, I make a consciousdecision to be happy. And I don't look for happiness from the outside in, I getright with me first, and then the happiness comes from inside out. And for me,what I found jack is that people resonate to that. And it's funny, man, it'slike, and I know you've experienced this check just because of who you are andwhat you've done. But it's like people will pop up in my life X amount of yearslater. And with all the love in the world, I don't remember them. But theyremembered me. Mm hmm. And for that, that's, that's a gift from somewhere, youknow, outside. Kind of like, core purpose, your true mission, you know, is mytrue mission, money. Now, my true mission is to share that, that journey ofhappiness and you can too, money doesn't buy happiness. It doesn't. It's nice.I think you can be a little bit happier with it. But you know, it's it's corny,but if if it doesn't feel like work, check. It's way too much fun. Don't tellanyone.


Jack Canfield 36:34

No, no,I called Thomas Edison said, when your vocation feels like a vacation, you'vemade it, you know, and I, every morning excited. So let's, let's talk about oneother thing. You taking our training the trainer online program, you've alsobeen the BTS and so forth. Just talk about what the experience was for you doingtrain the trainer online.


Dave Seymour 36:58

Yeah,train the train online. And I'm, I get easily distracted. Okay, I do, I'll beguilty as charged, Your Honor. But what I found was, is that training, thetrainer allowed me to tap back in whenever I needed to, I wouldn't be truthful,if I told you, I completed it on course, and everything was perfect. And I cameout of there, you know, with a certificate and I went out and trained, thatwill be a lie. But what it did do for me was was to give me a lifeline, if youwill, jack. So always I could go into the online curriculum. And I know whenI'm off, I know what areas like today I can gauge myself. And if I don't, MaryBeth is more than happy to point out where I'm off. But I can go with thatcurriculum, which is designed to train somebody else, but let's just be honest,man, I'm really just trading myself over and over again, as well, right? Someof your students I know take it and go out and do fantastic things and, youknow, influence, you know, people all over the world. But for me, I always hada resource, it was almost like a safety net. And here was the beautiful part ofit. I find myself delivering without even thinking. So maybe I'm in a partner'smeeting or, you know, I've got to have a, an unpleasant conversation withreally great people. Sometimes it's just part of business part of life. Andyeah, I, you know, I've got a background from train the trainer online thatallows me to step into those arenas. Truly looking for win wins instead of win lossesor lose, lose, you know, I mean, I just don't, I don't want to sign up for thatstuff. So that was what train the trainer was, it gave me tools that I canbring that to my company as it grows. But at the same time, it keeps megrounded. Jaqen keeps me on point, I think is probably one of the biggestbenefits I got from it. So that makes sense.


Jack Canfield 38:57

Yeah,totally. And you know, it's interesting, because in this day of COVID, we hadto pivot everything to online. You know, we had that online course before COVIDhappened, we had the breakthrough to success online. Thank God, because when Icame back from India, from a month of over there, just working on my longevity,my health, I moved to a plant based diet with a little bit of fish. And I lost12 pounds when I was there last another 15 when I got back, and so I get backon March 1, and on March 10, COVID, really takes off like in the East Coast.And then by March 16, our governor is saying no more, no more trainings. Youcan't have people more than 10 in a ballroom and then it was like nobody isallowed to meet. And so we had about a half a million dollars in deposits thatwe had to either return or we had to say okay, we're going to create an onlineprogram that will give you the same benefit as you'd signed up for these youknow, Train the Trainer live or or breakthrough to success slide. Andfortunately we did that we pulled it off. It was not easy. As you know, it's alot of people want to get up close and personal and do the You're hugging andthe dancing and all the things you talked about earlier, which are fun. And butat the same time, that was where we had to go. And I think what we're findingis that we're having the same amount of effect online. As we were having live,we've made it more interactive, and we're delivering live online, if you will,like, you know, with me, in real time. But I'm really glad to hear you, you saythat I hear this from a lot of people, Dave, that the train the trainer online,that they got as much out of their own personal development as they did out ofanything, they would teach anyone else. Because I always say, if you're goingto teach it, you have to live it at some level. And so you first have to takeresponsibility for yourself, you have to learn how to set goals, visualize thefirm, do all the things. And so I'm glad to hear you saying that for you. Ialways like to ask this question before I wrap up an interview, which is, isthere a question you wish I'd asked you that would allowed you to talk aboutsomething you want to talk about before we end this wonderful interview here?


Dave Seymour 41:00

Now?Now, you know why I can answer that in all honesty, because I have faith,whatever we talked about, we were meant to talk about, I know we shared acouple of q&a questions between each other, let's just be grownups. But atthe end of the day, you know, add discussions and I think discussions that haveintent to them. They just flow. It's It's not hard work. It's not difficult totalk to jack Canfield and share, you know, interactions. And I know you're wellenough jack to know that that you share back. And that my friend is the powerfirst for me, for me. I remember reading in one of your books, and I think wetalked about this, I've always looked for for inspiration. And the fact that wehad a connection to wheeling West Virginia, stones department store on MainStreet, I worked there, you know, and I think I hid from London, and some ofyour own challenges from your past that you freely share. Well, it puts me in aposition of safety. Because personal development, as you, as you said, can beincredibly uncomfortable. And we want to feel safe. But if we found safety inunhealthy behaviors, unhealthy actions, unhealthy relationships, I need to findsafety. And you know, the way that that you, you taught me the way that youcame, you know, into my life is allowed me to grow in safety. I'm bulletproofjack. You know why? Because I got some principles of success behind me. I'm notperfect every day. But man, I got some tools in my toolbox. That's it. That'snot even a question. That's just a statement of love.


Jack Canfield 42:44

Verygood. Do you have a website? Dave? I'm just curious if people wanted to findout more about what you do. Yeah.


Dave Seymour 42:49

Yeah,I'd love to I'd love to take you to my personal development website. But Idon't have one. But I do. I am available. JACK, I've always I've always donethat. I've always been available. Every class I ever taught. I wanted to makesure a student had access to me, but you can you can connect with me atfreedom. freedom that's our business website. You cansee a little bit about what we're doing in the real estate world there. Grab meon LinkedIn and Facebook and those areas. Just say, Hey, I saw I saw the jack.You know the jack Canfield interview. Love to love to touch collabs with youand I'm available. So yeah, you can find me if you want to.


Jack Canfield 43:30

Okay, Ilove touch gloves. There we go.


Dave Seymour 43:33

Thereyou go touch gloves.


Jack Canfield 43:36

I likeit. I like me too. But Davis has been delightful. I really appreciate youspending the time with me and opening up your heart and your your mind and inyour soul. All the best to Mary Beth and your two kids. And I just wish youcontinued success. And someday when when all of this COVID stuff is passed byand we have herd immunity or it's disappeared. Let's get together and we willtouch gloves.


Dave Seymour 44:01

We willmy friend will play that game that you beat me out. What's that game you havein the living room there with the it's not Mahjong? Is it? What is it?


Jack Canfield 44:08

No, it'sit was a tic tac toe but three dimensional tic tac toe.


Dave Seymour 44:13

You've ruinedme. You see what I mean? You are You're the man.


Jack Canfield 44:19

Allright. Take care of my mind. I love I just I love you. And I appreciate this.And I look forward to the next time.


Dave Seymour 44:25



Jack Canfield 44:26

Allright, buddy. Thanks for watching. You had a great experience today. I hope youdid as I did. This was an amazing interview, just on the energetic level of itas well as the content and the idea that you to no matter where you are rightnow whatever your firehouse is that you're living in. And if you want to go tothat place where you can have more, do more, be more and contribute more. It ispossible. And Dave has given us one more example of that. And so thank you forlistening. You can always go to my website jack Canfield comm To find out moreabout our workshops and our books and programs and this Come back again whenwe're talking with the experts about how they have transformed their life sothat you can transform yours. Take care, everybody. Until next time.