MB 233: From Trading Time for Money to Financial Freedom– With Dave Seymour

Eric Wilson
December 15, 2020

Trading time for money has a ceiling. There are only so many hours in the day, and eventually, we run out. And those of us who work 80 hours a week (or more!) to make ends meet simply can’t be a good partner or parent. So, what can we do to get out of this broken system and achieve financial freedom? Dave Seymour is the Cofounder and CEO of Freedom Venture Management, a results-driven investing firm that focuses on multifamily and commercial real estate. After 16 years as a Boston firefighter and paramedic, Dave discovered real estate and quickly became one of the nation’s top investors. His passion for the business and propensity to tell it like it is landed Dave his own real estate reality series on A&E, and he has also appeared on CBS, ABC and CNBC, among many other national media outlets. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Dave joins me to explain how he went from working 120 hours a week as a firefighter and paramedic to starring in Flipping Boston on A&E. He describes how real estate saved his financial life and weighs in on what multifamily assets his team is buying now to generate cashflow right away. Listen in for Dave’s insight on building a platform by being yourself and learn to replace fear with faith and say YES to the opportunities that come your way! Key Takeaways How Dave got his own show on A&E

Separate self from pack Amplify what’s special about you

What Dave was doing before real estate

16 years as firefighter + paramedic Spending money didn’t have

What inspired Dave to pursue financial freedom

Working 120 hours/week Couldn’t be good husband or dad

How Dave got into real estate

Heard about seminar on radio Invested $27K in classes

What Dave is good at

Knowing what real emergency is Assess landscape + execute

How Dave makes up for his weaknesses

Recognize what’s not core competency Hire exceptional fund managers

How Dave built a platform for raising money

Authenticity (no BS) Search for other’s needs and serve

Dave’s biggest challenges right now

Getting qualified funds Marketing to right audience Meet-and-greets during COVID

What assets Dave’s team is buying

Multifamily on Florida Gulf Coast Focus on 40- to 140-unit properties

What’s next for Dave and Freedom Venture

Build infrastructure for $250M Fund 2 Direct lending to other investors

Dave’s definition of success

Physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing Family and faith (to replace fear)

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