Pivotal Mindset Journey with Dave Seymour

Eric Wilson
December 15, 2020

Most people are not aware and pay attention to the pivotal moment in their life that could bring them success. Today I spoke with Dave Seymour, the CEO of Freedom Venture Investments, a firefighter and paramedic veteran and also one of the nation's top Real Estate Investors. He became really famous after joining a TV real estate series show Flipping Boston. With his huge success, he is passionate to give people a helping hand up and get their own pivotal mindset journey. Let’s dive into this episode and find out how he took the pivotal moment of his life from having a broke mentality into a success mindset. Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 - 10:34] Opening SegmentI introduce my guest, Dave Seymour, to the showDave talks briefly about his current life CEO of Freedom Venture InvestmentsPrivate Equity fundraising 100 million dollars to buy multifamily real estate assets Commercial real estate Dave talks about his background and where his journey beganKeeping the inner childlike dreams Getting out of the herd mentality Becoming a firefighter and paramedic in the Greater Boston areaWorking 120 hrs in a week just to maintain lifeLosing his house, money, and marriage The broke mentality of the working class background Spending more money than he earned [10:35- 17:40] Pivotal Mindset JourneyDave talks about the pivotal moment of his lifeJoined his first Real Estate SeminarGetting his real estate educationYou are accountable for your inactions Making the moves and pivotHe talks about Jim RohnDave talks about The Secret Book by Rhonda ByrneHenry fordMartin Luther kingGetting a new mindset and beliefs Bought practical education in medicalcreates new pathways in our brains Manifest good things in your lifeLanded in a TV show with Tony Robbins Influence people [17:41 - 25:24] Identifying What You Do Not Want in Your LifeExercise to boost your self up Most people have difficulties in figuring out what they really wantAsk yourself what you do not wantIt will take you to explore what you really wantControlling your own time When you doing something that you love, it doesn’t feel like workPain is one of the most powerful motivators in life Understand what it is that really drives you from your core[25:25 - 33:09] Predator Mentality VS Farm Relationship MentalityDave talks about his hard money lending business Farm and plant relationship with people Getting out of the “Me first” mentality in the societyGiving people genuine help Dave shares about his conversation with Daymon John from Shark tankPut your self in a position to give somebody a helping hand up not a handoutBe grace in abundance We are strong when we are together We are prone to failure Be responsible for the things that go well, and also for the things that do not go well

[33:10 - 38:48] The FOCUS FIVE SegmentWhat book have you gifted most often? The Success Secret Book by Jack CanfieldIf you can get an hour of somebody's time and ask questions, who would that be and why?Winston Churchill What is one thing you believe that most people would disagree with you:Everybody starts at 100 and loses points rather than starts at 0 and gains points Morning routine; How do you start your day?Watching TV in the morning sometimes Workout a little SaunaFeed his mind by watching Jay Shetty on YouTube What is the best place we can connect with you online?See below for social links.Final words from meTweetable Quotes: “Entrepreneur with the right mindset knows how to pivot.” - Dave Seymour“You are accountable for your actions and also your Inactions.” - Dave Seymour“I can’t keep doing what I have been doing, because if I do I'm going to keep getting what I've been getting .” - Dave Seymour“Everybody starts at 100 and loses points rather than starts at 0 and gains points.” - Dave SeymourResources mentioned in the episode:Tony RobbinsJim Rohn Henry fordMartin Luther kingThe Secret BookThe Success Secret Book by Jack CanfieldWinston Churchill

Jay Shetty Daymon JohnYou can connect with Dave on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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