Real Estate Revealed

#8 - Craig Hansen, Boston Red Sox Pitcher

Eric Wilson
December 15, 2020


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Dave Seymour,Intro Voice Over, Craig Hansen


Dave Seymour 00:35

welcome.Welcome to another dynamic episode of Real Estate revealed Saturday afternoonChristmas season. Whoa, whoa, whoa 104 point nine FM to be Dave SEMA. I'm yourhost. stairway and he's flippin Boston. I'm not going to say that anymore. Thatsounds so silly when I say that now star of any flippin Boston sounds like I'mfull of myself. egidio but how are you? Are you ready for the for the sillyseason. We got an elf on the shelf showed up again in my house. Kind ofinteresting. He was wearing his Canada Goose jacket when he showed up firstday. Then he causes mischief all around the house. I know I turned a Christmastree lights off before I went to bed. They were on when I woke up in themorning. I'm blaming it on the elf on the shelf. not stealing any of thatChristmas magic from my boys yet. Real Estate. Real Estate revealed all thesecrets the things that you don't you don't see on HGTV. This is the realworld. I've got a fantastic and I mean that sincerely a fantastic guest on thesidelines. We connected through a fund here at freedom venture investments. proathlete pitched for the Boston Red Sox ended up in in in Pittsburgh with thepirates spent. I don't know how many seasons I'll let him fill you in on hiscareer. But he's an intelligent guy. And here's why, in my opinion, right?Because he understands that pro sports have usually a shelf on theirprofitability, right? They say the NFL stands for not for long. Because mostguys are out of the NFL in a few years. These guys in the in the MLB in themajors, they probably last a little bit longer than the NFL guys. But you know,he understood earlier on that there will be a time and a place when there wasno MLB profitability and set himself up for that. So I love this guy already.He's He's grounded. There's no there's no ego. He's solid dude. And hopefullyhe's on the line. We had a little trouble getting him in earlier. But Ladiesand gentlemen, round of applause drumroll please. For your ex. Boston Red Soxpitcher. Mr. Craig Hanson. Craig, are you there?


Craig Hansen 02:57

Dave,I'm here. Thank you for that intro. Dude,


Dave Seymour 03:02

yousounded pretty good, didn't ya on that intro? I mean, you're looking over yourshoulder going? Who the heck is he talking about? Ha.


Craig Hansen 03:08

I know.I know. I thought maybe I called him to the wrong place.


Dave Seymour 03:13

You gotthe right place. Now. Where are you right now you're in. You're in New York.Right? But we're not gonna hold that right now. I'm


Craig Hansen 03:18

in a I'min Long Island, New York right now. Okay.


Dave Seymour 03:21

Okay.Part of the island that you're on. I know. We talked about that before, but Ican't remember. I'm in Nassau County, Nassau County, Nassau County, just forthose folks that are listening. I remember when you and I first talked. I livedon Long Island when I first came over to to the states I lived in in wantok.And Jones Beach, right Jones beaches over that way. You're


Craig Hansen 03:45

on thesouth shore. I grew up in the North Shore.


Dave Seymour 03:48

Okay,does that mean we can't be friends anymore? Is that like East Side West Sidelike Bloods and Crips or can we still be friends?


Craig Hansen 03:54

It wasalmost like that. But


Dave Seymour 04:00

youknow, it's what I gotta say in here in an error area here. let y'all you know,linlin right. The City of Sydney never come out the way you went in. Theyalways used to say the best the best thing about eastland was the bus toWestland. That's what they used to say. So I don't know. I don't know what thatmeant. Alright, that's enough about me. So my friend How the heck did you endup becoming a professional baseball player? It's got to be the little leaguething and all of that journey, but but share it with us a little bit. Tell meabout your career. All right. How


Craig Hansen 04:29

did Iend up becoming a major league baseball player? Yeah, determination. Yeah,perseverance. Yep. And wanting to be absolutely better than anyone that Ifaced. Growing up, growing up in Long Island. In my hometown, I wasn't even thebest pitcher to begin with. And I saw that as, you know, a challenge and Ichallenged myself to become the best pitcher in my town. And once Iaccomplished that, you know, there was a, there was the next stage, which wastravel. And All right, well, I need to be the best player there. And I tookthat, you know, I took that to heart, going throughout all the steps, wantingto be better challenged myself by being around, you know, great athletes. I'veplayed with tremendous athletes growing up. And in summer bowls, college,college softball, minor leagues, then you get the major leagues, which is thetop of the top, like, it doesn't, you don't get better than that. You know, andyou start seeing how guys prepare and all that stuff. And you learn a couplethings here and there from, from each individual and how you prepare, how youget the mindset ready, as well as the body. There it is, you know, it's justthis determination to in order to be great at something. You got to give ityour all. They can't go away.


Dave Seymour 06:06

Let meask you a question. Craig, I want to I want to unpack that a little bit.Because I think there's so many similarities between, you know, for somebody toperform at the highest level, no matter what it is, whether it's sports, it'sbusiness, parenting, you know, I mean, I don't care relationships, right? To beto be the best at it. There's so many similarities in there. Right? So youmentioned a few words right out of the gate, perseverance, right? commitment,courage, never given up those kinds of things. Right. That's, that's the thecore DNA. But my question to you is, this is surrounding yourself with athletesthat you maybe aspire to be? Or was it always just competition? And who wasthere one or two people that when you look back at it, you can say, you know,that guy or that girl, that man, that woman was a mentor and influence, youknow, an engine behind my success? But who were those people? And what did theymean to you?


Craig Hansen 07:11

Well,you got to see it as your teammates. Yeah, it could be competition, because,you know, obviously, you're competing to be, you know, whether it's the topreliever or the top starter on your team. And then, you know, someday some timedown the line, you might not be on that team anymore, and they might actuallybe a competitor on our side of the field. But while your teammates you do learna lot of things from each other, and, you know, the guys help each other outlike the starters. You know, want the relievers to do their best. If a startercomes out a game in the fifth or sixth inning, he wants to make sure that thatwin gets secured. You know, he wants to make sure that the bullpen guys, youknow, have no mentality has to have the stuff that they need, you know, fromyears of experience that they've gathered. Alright, let's pass it on to theyounger guys. Yeah, yeah. And yeah, yeah, I pitched Ellsworth SchillingBeckett. Wakefield, came up with Lester Buckholtz. See how these guys, youknow, we all work together, and the starters helped us starters. Help theyounger guys on, you know how you go after certain hitters, because they've gotthe years worth of experience.


Dave Seymour 08:34

So theseguys, would you like it? Almost because you are young. How old? were you whenyou were pitching with the socks? You are? pretty young guy, right. 2121? Okay,you're a young guy. So the Schilling and buck halt and those guys that youmentioned, I mean, were they were they as much mentors to you as teammates. Isthat a fair statement to make?


Craig Hansen 08:55

Well,Buck off was younger than me. Schilling. Schilling was, um, yeah, he was, hewas a mentor. Wakefield, you know, the older the older guys took on that mentorrole. Yeah, um, you know, because they do have that experience. And, you know,it's, you want to be great at something you want to attach yourself to someonethat knows the business knows what's going on knowing the ins and outs. Andit's just like in real estate, you know, you could, you could read as much asyou want. You could try things as much as you want. But in order to get past acertain level and success, you need to have a mentor. You need to have someonethat, you know, can give you a little bit of advice here and there steer you inthe right direction. Hey, when you're going down the wrong path. Have youthought about this? Yeah, it kind of expand your mind a little bit. Yeah, it'svery key in every field. Okay.


Dave Seymour 09:57

Absolutely.Absolutely. It when you learn When you look at your time in Boston, what what'syour fondest memory of being a part of that club?


Craig Hansen 10:09

community?Yeah. So being from New York





Craig Hansen 10:19

Weweren't a we weren't raised Boston Red Sox fan. Right. Right. All right. And,you know, the we're New York is split between two teams. We got the New YorkMets. Yeah, we got the New York Yankees. Yeah. So there's, there's a splitright there. And, you know, we've dealt with like, in my household those Therivalry. My brother's a Mets fan. Growing up for me, growing growing up me withthe Yankee fan. Keyword was


Dave Seymour 10:56

what?realize a robot Boston radio, right? Yeah, I


Craig Hansen 11:02

don'twant people to turn off the radio at this point. So keyword.


Dave Seymour 11:07

Wellplayed young man, well play.


Craig Hansen 11:12

But,like getting up there. And, you know, at the age of being 21, I was in college.I was in college pitching College in June. And then I was pitching in Fenway inSeptember.


Dave Seymour 11:25

Wow.Wow. That's incredible. So that's incredible.


Craig Hansen 11:29

Beingable to experience that atmosphere was bar none. Like, probably my mostfavorite moment. Yeah. Because, you know, I I then went to go pitch forPittsburgh, which they have a great fan base. But they could not pack the houselike hanaway would have to handle. Yeah, you know, my first my first outing wasin Tampa Bay. Was it Oh, yeah. temp against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Yeah,whenever the Devil Rays now they're just the race. But when we went when I gotto that stadium, the dome? Um, it was a home game. For the Red Sox.


Dave Seymour 12:13

Yeah,yeah. We got such a Yeah, we got such a following down there. We were talkingabout that with real estate investments. We go. I think there's more New Englandis down there than there is? Floridians, honestly?


Craig Hansen 12:24

Oh, forsure. For sure.





Craig Hansen 12:29

I sawthe experience that their their stadium was probably half the capacity. But itwas just, you know, a sea of red in the Navy below. You know, there wasn'treally any race fans. There. So when things were going good for Boston, youwould hear and hearing that eruption? Yeah. Was invigorating, because I'mgaining knowledge. I think my largest college crowd was maybe 5000 7000. That'sgot to be addictive. Right?


Dave Seymour 13:02

I mean,that I guess. Right? It's got to be addictive for the younger guys coming in,it's got to be addictive for the for the potential for for a pay day. I mean,the whole world, you know, that whole that whole landscape, if you will, forwant of a better term, you know, attracts, you know, that that big guide us?You know, coming in? Yeah, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna we're gonnatake a we're gonna take a quick break, we're gonna go to a commercial break.When we get back from that break, Craig, what I would like to delve into alittle bit, is some of the things we talked out earlier on was, you know, the,the lack of financial education that a lot of these younger pro athletesunfortunately have, and it's not their fault, right? Nobody's taught themdifferent. But I want to, I want to, I want to discuss that with you a littlebit. And just just get your take on it. And the maturity that you bought to itbecause I personally believe it is you brought an extra amount of maturity tothe arena for your own personal experience, so that you didn't fall into someof the traps that we read about in the you know, in the in the tablet papersabout, you know, some of our heroes, so don't go away. We're going to a quickbreak. You're listening to Craig Hanson, Boston Red Sox pitcher, they've seenmore real estate revealed they'll go away.


Intro Voice Over  14:22

RealEstate revealed We'll be right back.



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Dave Seymour 16:30

talkingto Craig Hanson and correct before we went to the break, you know, sharing someof the the adrenaline rushes of pitching in the majors, we kind of transitionedover there to some of the some of the younger guys that that come intoprofessional sports and just just share with me because the first time we met,we talked about it and you said something that stuck with me. And it was a bigpart of the finances of professional athletes was keeping up with the Joneses.Now, that was your that was your term, not mine. Tell me what you meant by thatbrother.


Craig Hansen 17:05

So whatI mean by that is, you know, you got a pretty large variety of paychecks goingaround in the locker rooms, and that's in all professional sports. And it'sactually in the business world to where, you know, people are being paid more,you know, for their experience. And these, you know, certain guys live certainways, and they like to, you know, dress nice, have nice things have nice cars,all this stuff. Because they can afford it. Right? Um, you know, it's it, whenthe younger guys or the guys that aren't making as much they tried to, youknow, like I said, keep up with the Joneses, and try to live that lifestyle iswhere you could get caught. And I remember when I think ESPN did the special onAnton Walker, I think the special is called broke. Yeah. And it's basicallytalking about how the same thing you know, you're walking into a locker room,some guy's got a nice new gold chain that costs $50,000. Well, the guy that'smaking league minimum, still a lot of money. Yeah, for an individual, butyou're making like minimum use that you can't buy a $50,000 chain and be ableto expect to continue to live that lifestyle. Because you know that, like yousaid in the beginning of the show, there is a shelf life, right? inprofessional sports. You know, for sure, I wish I could could have done thisfor a while longer than I did. And I'm sure a lot of guys that are in the sameboat, where you get to a certain age you still want to play you still feel likeyou could play. You want to do it. You know, but age catches up with everyone.And now there's still people that come up through a system that are younger.


Dave Seymour 19:06

Sothere's always somebody to take you places now.


Craig Hansen 19:09

Yeah,yeah, there really is. You know, you watch certain players just leave a sit,like retire. And it's like, oh, man, how's that? How they're gonna recover? Andafter a couple years, it's not that they then said they're forgotten. Butthere's a new shiny object. Right? Right. Right. So uh, yeah, there's, Iwouldn't say it's necessarily a lack lack of knowledge being taught on thefinancial side. It's more of, you know, keeping up with the Joneses. Like youfeel like you had to spend that money.


Dave Seymour 19:47

Let meknow I get it. I get it because it's interesting, like you made the statement there.It's not a lack of financial knowledge, right. So if I take that statement onface value, My next question to you would be this is that, so? Let the averageguy on the street correct? Let's just go direct here, right? Has a perceptionof all my my heavens, right? The professional athlete is loaded to the gills.So if the average guy on the street believes that, and I understand there weretears, right, it's not, you know, like for me in reality TV, I always say Iwasn't making any Kim Kardashian money. Right. So this is levels, right?There's levels of income in every profession. But where do where do theprofessional athletes in their first second year? get any guidance for moneymanagement? I guess is my question. Is there something set up within professionalsports? What does that look? Or is it just, you know, money managers, you know,on the periphery? You know, trying to throw their hat in the ring? How doesthat look?


Craig Hansen 21:00

So I wasI was lucky enough to be invited to a rookie development program held by MLBand MLB, PA, and they're, they would address these issues, address theseconcerns before they became concerns. An issue? Yeah, yeah. But it wasn'tsomething that every single player that got signed to a contract with goto. So thewhole league wasn't getting this, it was a select, select few of eligiblerookies that were getting this information. Gotcha. They did, they did educateguys that way. But in order to educate the masses, it's a lot more work. And,you know, no matter how much they could teach someone, oh, you know, don'tdon't overspend, don't live beyond your means, right. And once once they getthat paycheck is there, you can't control what they do with their money. Andthat's when, you know, like an agent would come into play. And hopefully, theagent would try to get your set up with a financial advisor, and try to buildyour team. And your team is basically your agent, your financial advisor,people that are going to help outside the field, so you can concentrate on what'sgoing on up the line. Right, it's up. My college coach has always said to us incollege, his name's Ed blank Meyer, he would always tell us, you know, controlwhat's going on between the lines, you know, get what you have to do outsidethe lines, but control what's going on in, in between the lines? That's whereyou're, that's why you're here. Don't let Outside the Lines mess. mess that up?


Dave Seymour 23:06

Yeah,well, if you're focusing on on core competency to, you know, hone in your pitchingskills, and, you know, I can't I'm never going to claim to, you know, be abaseball afficionado you know, a baseball, fishing nada, discussion with youbefore. But you know, you're working on that core competency. So for, for me,what I'm hearing is is like delegating, you know, authority to somebody else'sexpertise. But then you got to do it through trust, right? I mean, you listen,you think about Mike Tyson, right? He trusted Don King and Don King, you know,made him broke. You know what I mean? It's gotta be a trust piece.


Craig Hansen 23:45

I hearyour fire trucks going?


Dave Seymour 23:47

Yeah,that's that's every time I hear a fire truck. You know what I shout out toCraig. You know, what's funny, dude, little sidebar. You can't say stuff to melike that. Because my brain goes in 500 directions. There's a certain tone inthe firehouse, right. And if I hear it, even you know this many years later, ifI hear a tone, like adult Bell or a tone on a computer, that's the same, youknow, phonic call, whatever that word is, that sounded like the fire departmenttone. My heart rate goes up and I and I start to move like, like, I'm ready togo somewhere. And I go, Oh, you don't have to do that anymore. So thanks. Goget them boys. Go get up. Just go home say Hello, brother.


Craig Hansen 24:34

A firetruck.


Dave Seymour 24:34

Now Iget it. I get it. I was just because I'm not in a fancy sound booth. I may not,you know, the route the roads outside there.


Craig Hansen 24:43

As towhat you were saying, I'm the financial advisor on Yeah, you have to trustthem. So when I got into the league, Bernie Madoff. That whole thing was goingdown. I wanted to have six 2007 Yeah, mate. Oh, yeah, yeah, I knew I knewteammates who had investments with them.





Craig Hansen 25:10

So I sawand I heard this stuff, you know? Right, right up front. And you know, it is a,it is a huge trust thing, because you know, last thing you want to be doing ispitching on the mountain.


Dave Seymour 25:25

You'rein a bag of finances. Yeah.


Craig Hansen 25:29

I getit. It's like, when you pointed to a fire? Did you want to worry about youknow, or is it was my guy making a sound investment? You know, were you deniedon saving the life of dry fire?


Dave Seymour 25:40



Craig Hansen 25:41

Nowthey're all right.


Dave Seymour 25:42

way,this way, this way.


Craig Hansen 25:45

It's thesame way. You don't want to have to worry about what's going on outside. Youhave to you have to be in control of what your job is. And hopefully the trustteam that you've built. You know, you can rely on them. Don't you love?


Dave Seymour 25:59

Don'tyou love how, like business like the discussions we've had outside of this.This is radio interview. I mean, I love a consistent look. I never reached thehigh levels of athleticism. Right? I was a soccer player, and a rugby playerfrom England. But I came to the states playing soccer and I play I was decentenough. But the whole concept of sport and business I think of so paralleledright. dedication, commitment, you know, drive, mentorship, finding the expertsdelegating responsibility, focusing on core competencies. I mean, what I lovedabout our very first conversation was is that you already had a vision for whatyour life would be like after baseball before it even ended, right? Because Iknow you went through an injury challenge, which pretty much took you out ofthe out of the game, but you are already, you know, you're already planning forthe future. So before we go to our next mix, break in a little bit. Why do youthink you would that way? I mean, what what, what, what was in your, in yourmind, your DNA, or whatever? I mean, what what moved you in that directionbefore you really, you know, had to make that kind of a choice. Do you think,


Craig Hansen 27:18

uh, whatmoved me in that direction was my injury and seeing what was at the forefront?And, you know, my injury was, was one of a kind. And the recovery process wasextremely long. So I had to, at that point, find all the direction that I hadto take, you know, to take down another path. Yeah, yeah, I've had coachesalways tell me, I put I put all my eggs in one basket. And teachers, coaches,parents, everyone would say, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Now you gotto? Yeah, yeah. What if? What if? And my mindset was, there is no What if? Idon't know that? I don't know that term. My ex is going in one basket. I don'tknow that term. So when the injury did happen, you know, I didn't have somethingto fall back on being like, Oh, well. I'm gonna be great at this. Right.Because I'm, I know, like, I've already dealt with that. Now. I've been I wasplaying baseball. And that's all I was doing. That's all I worried about. So Iwanted to do the when the injury did happen, uh, you know, it gave me It gaveme a different perspective on I took my Rehab Time. And I was able to, youknow, research different things. Yeah. One thing that got me was, you know,walking on a claim into a treadmill. My injury, I had to go on a stationarybike. One of the ones that were seated, I claimed, oh, I want to set it up. Ihad to go one that was seated because I didn't want my shoulder moving at all.And I was sitting there. And after watching SportsCenter for the eighth time ina row, yeah, he starts about everything that's about to happen. You know, thetop 10 is no longer the top 10. Pick up magazine, it's a Forbes magazine. Top500 wealthiest people in the world. They've about 85% of those people had realestate behind their name.


Dave Seymour 29:28

Alright,stop right there. Stop right there. We're gonna go to a break. That's such abeautiful segue. That's so good. I can't I can't let you set the word top 500wealthiest people in the country or the world. 85% of them. You heard it. GregHanson had real estate in their portfolio. So I heard I had no plan B until Ihad to get a plan B. And that was when you started transitioning towards whatwe're going to talk about when we come back after this break. Ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls, America. You're listening to a fantastic episode of Real Estaterevealed with ex Red Sox pitcher. Greg had some Don't go away. We're gonna takea quick break.


Intro Voice Over  30:10

RealEstate revealed We'll be right back.



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You'relistening to real estate revealed with Dave Seymour from Amy's living Boston


Dave Seymour 32:44

withback all the way back. You know what, Craig? I feel like? I feel like I want tothrow a baseball. Like I don't know why talking to you makes me want to pick upa baseball and learn how to throw it. The challenge is is I've got like areally limp, limp wrist. I don't think I couldn't I could have a stroke. LikeWere you a speed? Is it a fastball or or a knuckleball? What what kind of whatkind of pitch away brother.


Craig Hansen 33:11

I was afastball slider guy.


Dave Seymour 33:14

Ithought I knew that. I don't know what that means.


Craig Hansen 33:18

fastballand slider. And then when I got hurt I when I started to try to throw again. Ihad to learn how to throw again. I somehow developed a changeup, which I neverhad in my life. And now I I teach lessons now to the youth. Yeah, and I'll playcatch with him. Now start throwing a changeup I got away from I get a couplemisses on it where they came to catch it. I'm like, all right. doing prettygood today. Dave, when you're when you're ready to throw, we'll get going.


Dave Seymour 33:52

Maybewe'll do it in the sunshine in a couple of weeks with a bit of luck. You knowwhat I mean?



Why not?


Dave Seymour 33:57

Yeah,we'll go grab a ball. You know, I mean, it's nice to call up here. Thebaseballs are too hard. They're gonna hurt. So you got to remember though, Iwas a cricket player back in England, brother. Alright, so I know I don't likethrow a wicked googly. I play silly mid on silly mid off. Like I look great ina pair of white pads. white pants, I just want to let you know. So anyway,that's enough of that silliness. You're sitting on a treadmill. You're tryingto recover from a career career. Ending injury. I mean, let's just call it whatit was for you. Pick up Forbes magazine, top 500 wealthiest people, 85% of themhave real estate. What was your thought after that?


Craig Hansen 34:36

If Iwant to try if I want to keep the income that my paycheck has given me. My bestpossibility would be to follow that 85% route. And I've always had an interestin real estate. I worked with the contractor the saw the summers or time that Icould work Growing up, I did play a lot of baseball. So the times I did have achance to work, I wasn't getting a job at, you know, McDonald's way, Wendy's,dunkin donuts. I didn't have the opportunity to do that, because of myscheduling. So I had a contractor that was close with that was able to give mehours. And I fell in love with real estate. The whole aspect of it. You know, Iwould, when I sit and doodle drawings, I draw houses. I draw buildings. Youknow, Rick,


Dave Seymour 35:31

I loveyou, you freak. That's awesome.


Craig Hansen 35:33

It's aneasy drawing. It's just like, you know, it's like, when you start doing thecircles, that's a little tricky. tricky, but I enjoy. I enjoyed it. I just, Ienjoy how things are built. And I also saw it as if I get a piece of realestate. I could drive by it. Like a tangible. Yeah, I could walk it. I couldtouch it. I could do I could change something with it. And gain value we want?Yeah. All right. So you're telling me I could just do a little change here andthere. And my value goes up? Yes. Okay. Now, our building stuff here. Yeah,that sounded like fun to me. Because I was building myself as an, build, build, build, build? Yeah. Throughout the throughout yourlifetime, he is building to get better. Okay, well, I could build the all myportfolio in real estate. And, you know, I don't you don't need a collegedegree to buy a piece of property.


Dave Seymour 36:43

Right? Right.No, you can't you can't buy I'm wrong. But yeah, you definitely don't have togo out and spend whatever a collegiate degree is these days, that's for sure.Now keep going.


Craig Hansen 36:56

And, um,you know, I was, I was fortunate enough to play a game I love for money. And Iused that money to, to get myself started in real estate. I just felt like Iwas most comfortable. Getting into real estate with my skin in the game. Yeah,at that point when I started with my skin again, so I knew if things were goingbad, it was on a, I want all the blame. I wanted everything. All right. Iwanted to be the person owed all that. And that's what I started to do was I Iended up finding a town up in Connecticut, where they have to state colleges,about 15 minutes apart from each other. And little by little, I just startedacquiring homes out there. And I had a choice where Okay, I could buy. I waslooking in Brooklyn, New York, to buy a multi family down in Brooklyn. Yep.which had a certain price point. Or I could go to a town in Connecticut. And Icould buy for the same price. I could buy four properties. Six properties.Yeah. Um, and the rent was three times more, four times more than what I wouldbe getting in Brooklyn. And I saw that I was like, Alright, well, I did myresearch with real estate investing. You know, when I got hurt. I bought bookson Amazon when Amazon was a book online company.


Dave Seymour 38:42

Yeah,just books. Yeah.


Craig Hansen 38:45

So Iwould buy books, and I would, you know, read, read, watch TV. Watch flippinBoston.


Dave Seymour 38:54

Goodanswer, buddy. Well played, well played.


Craig Hansen 38:58

Andwatching all those shows on TV, and actually doing work growing up. And thenonce I started getting properties, and becoming a landlord, flip couple houseswhen I started flipping houses, and you watch show shows and you just go, huh?Flip or Flop? flop yet? Yeah, that amazing. Amazing. Flip.


Dave Seymour 39:29



Craig Hansen 39:31

So Oh,we're worried that we might not be able to continue business. I've been inthose shoes where you start doing a flip and you go the numbers again? tight.Yeah. And you do get worried about it. Yeah. And I know many people that getlike that they get worried about it. And you make it work, you figure it out.You figure out your problem solver. You wear many hats as a real estate agent.For sure, and uh, you know, having a mentor is definitely key because a mentorhas gone through a lot of stuff. Well, we talked


Dave Seymour 40:10

yet whenwe talked the first time and you jumped on that zoom call with myself and andWalter right. So something that you said in the email afterwards, which wasappreciated number one, but something that you noticed that a lot of peopledon't notice was the fact that Walter has been through two corrections on his30 plus Korea, right. I've been through the biggest correction in real estateever. Probably other than the Great Depression


Craig Hansen 40:41

startedthe year before it, restaurant. That's right, too late to


Dave Seymour 40:45

Teslaseven. Time is everything brother sirens, everything. But his his what'sinteresting, right, you're talking about and I like I like the way you framedit out. Like you said, I wanted to self fund. And a lot of people, let's justbe honest, great. They don't always have the financial fortitude to self fund,either a cleric or even buy and hold. So you had that blessing. And I respectyou for that. I just want to I just want to show you the other side of thecoin. And for those of us listening, just know that, you know, you don't alwayshave to have all the money to do the deals, right. So I was very good atraising capital. But because I used other people's money correct from thebeginning, I am the most conservative investor you'll probably ever meet.Because I'm very proud to say, in my 12 plus years, I have never lost one dimeof investor capital ever. And I've always made my payments to my investors now.I've I personally lost a couple of bucks. Yeah. But I've never lost aninvestor's money because I was so I don't know. It's just in my DNA. And Ithink like yours in the sense like you had the money. So you did it allyourself, because you didn't want to ever expose anybody else's capital. I neededother people's capital in the beginning, but I had that same sensation you do.I'm going to do everything I can to make it right. And wear all the hats go onforward. If you had to what do you look, I don't want to pull answers out ofyou just for the sake because we're on a radio show. But I love the fact thatreal estate gives me massive and our investors massive tax advantages that youdon't get anywhere else. So that's, that's one of the things that I love aboutit. What about you? What what what what gets you excited about real estate onthe financial side when you're looking at a deal?


Craig Hansen 42:40

Oh, thefinancial side? I'm gonna drop freedom on you. It gives Yeah, I like it. Didyou have a troll of your future? And when you have control of your future?That's freedom.


Dave Seymour 42:53

I likethat dude. I appreciate that. Now for sure. For sure. Like coming from the firedepartment and trading time for money. Yeah, I you new now my store, I workedthree jobs. That was a really good worker. And the freedom that real estategave me, you know to be I would never have had a conversation with Craig Hansonabout real estate. If I'd have stayed doing what I have been doing. Right.Let's just go there. So it gave me the freedom financially. But it also gave methe freedom to elevate. You know, the people that and this is no disrespect toanybody who's not doing you know what i'm doing or what we're doing. But it'sjust the reality of is, it's an elevation of the game, like people are out theretrying to elevate the game, but you got to elevate your game by the people thatyou hang around with. Who is it that influences you? Right? Would you agreewith that? Yes.


Craig Hansen 43:40

Oh, 100%one 100% It's who you who you surround yourself around? And yeah, I'll bringthat back to a, you know, professional athletes with with finances. Yeah, yousurround yourself around the right people. You know, you can go up when certainguys get in trouble living a certain lifestyle. And, you know, being surroundedby people that go off. Save As a professional athlete. You could go on Googleright now and go find out every single athletes current salary. Yeah, yeah, Ican't I can't I can't find out how much you make as a firefighter though.


Dave Seymour 44:27



Craig Hansen 44:28

I canfind out that I can find out the base salary, your time that you bested and allthat stuff. I will I will not know. So, yeah, an athlete is exposed. Yeah.


Dave Seymour 44:40

Yeah,men with that exposure comes risk, right risk of somebody coming in and in apredatory sense, or whatever the case may be. No, I get it, man.


Craig Hansen 44:49

Great.That's what we thought at the that's what we're taught at the rookiedevelopment thing, though is that there is predators out there that are lookingto down prey off of The money that you've earned, you and your family hasearned and, you know, it's when you surround yourself by people that go out andhelp it critical pickup check. Yeah, he made, he makes this much money, I gotthe check, he makes that much money, he'll pick up the check. And it becomeskind of always happening.


Dave Seymour 45:20

I don'tknow whether you realize that I remembered it. And I said it in, in truth. AndI'll repeat it now on a on a radio show, you know, we originally met becauseyou had an interest in freedom, venture investment. So what we would do in andyou know, putting some investment dollars to work. And at the same time, youknow, in return not only for the returns of the potential investment that youmake with us, you know, you're also looking to get some mentorship, someguidance and leverage our experience, so that you can, you know, at some point,do the more active stuff again, yourself going forward. But something that I saidto you, which I meant when I said it, and I mean it again now is I love meetinglike minded people, Greg, I love interacting with people who have the sameoutlook and thoughts that I do. And I said it to you, then I'll say it again.Now, whether you invested with us or not, my door is open right? To share whatexperience I can to help you on your journey going forward. Because I believein the law of reciprocity, I believe in the law of of authenticity and doingthe right thing, standing in your own two shoes, right, telling the truth,good, bad or ugly, and then making an educated decision to moving forward fromthere. So any parting words of wisdom? Give me just if you haven't, great ifyou don't, that's great to give me one beautiful party word of wisdom before Iwrap up our time together.


Craig Hansen 46:44

Allright. Well, real quick, Dave, I greatly appreciate what you do offer with thementorship. The freedom Investment Group is, is something that's right up myalley at my stage of the game. I want to increase what I'm doing, get intobigger buildings. And it is scary to get in alone. And being able to have agroup out there that's looking to do that. It's a it's a lot more comforting.When there's experienced behind the scenes, like you mentioned, Walter, is gotthrough two different waves yourself. One wave, right. Oh, and having thatexperience is tremendous to get into LA, partying. Like you said before, MerryChristmas, Happy Holidays. Hope everyone stays safe, especially during thecrazy times that we're living in right now.


Dave Seymour 47:42

Andthrow that ball as fast as you can. Well,


Craig Hansen 47:45

that'swhat I'm about to go tell a bunch of what the high school kids they say theyasked me they go, Well, I want to throw harder. You wanna know my answer thatDave? Is it and then try to throw harder?


Dave Seymour 47:59

Try tothrow hada Yeah, yeah, I want I want to earn more than and write more withouttrading more time. No, I get it.


Craig Hansen 48:09

Youknow, and they're and they're here. They're here to put in that work. Becausethey want to get better. And I understand for myself to get better as a realestate investor. I can't just sit back. I gotta put in work.


Dave Seymour 48:22

I gotback brother. I got you.


Craig Hansen 48:24

Iappreciate that.


Dave Seymour 48:26

Craighad some former Red Sox MLB pitcher new friend of mine potential investor. Ithink I think we're gonna have a fun journey over the next few years my friendgod bless Happy Holidays and I will talk to you very soon.


Craig Hansen 48:38

Allright, Dave. Happy Holidays. All right, we're


Dave Seymour 48:40

going toa quick break. Don't go right. Don't go away. I got a I got a really sweet dealI want to share with you guys when we get back from the break. This is realestate reveal with Dave Seymour 104 point nine.


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You'relistening to real estate revealed with Dave Seymour from living Boston,


Dave Seymour 50:37

we'reback, I want to highlight a couple of things that Craig talked about. They'rein a session today. And again, I find it uncanny almost the parallels betweenwhat we do at freedom venture investments as fund managers, you know, we takethe minimum investment of $100,000 from our accredited investors, we put thatcapital in the fund and the investor own shares in the management company. Andbecause they own shares in that management company, then they own a proratedamount of the assets inside the company. So we try and buy as many cash flowingapartment complexes under what we call a core plus strategy. Call meaningalready regularly bringing in capital plus, meaning we have an opportunity toreposition or make them more valuable based on increase in the cash flow. Sothat's what core plus means. But you know, a management team, a real estateinvestment team. I am one fund manager of a management team that manages thefund that manages the managers that manage the assets. The the constructionteam, the accounting team, the software operations back office team, you getthe point, right. Craig Hanson reached his level of expertise in his career.Yeah, he was driven. Yay, was motivated. Yay, was competitive. Yeah, I get allof that. But nothing he did. He did on his own. It was with a team, you know,taking advice from from Curt Schilling. You know, the bloody sock, like I'm nota great baseball guy. But I know enough about our history here in Boston toknow what the bloody sock means. And, you know, what, what would it be like? Ifyou as somebody listening was looking to work capital, at a higher velocitythan most other investments out there? What would it be like, if you could be apart of a proven team? My partner, Walter, as we said, on the coal over 30years of real estate investment experience 20 plus years of experience in theGulf Coast region of Florida. And to Craig's point, I think there's moreBostonians down there in Florida than there is in you know, in the in the BackBay sometimes is probably very true, seen as an expensive property can, theaverage Bostonian can afford to live in the Back Bay right now. But that'sgoing to change, trust me. But, you know, that team concept, being able to, youknow, leverage that experience, what would it be like if your capital wasworking at that higher rate of return than most other vehicles in themarketplace? You know, what would retirement look like? A lot of folks outthere, it was interesting listening to Craig, he said, it was the, you know,the the physical impact of his injury that pushed him to plan B, I did a studyrecently, of high net worth individuals and what their concerns and fears were.And they were there were three major ones that I'll touch on the first one,their major fear was loss of capital, like people are frightened of losing themoney that they have. The second was a loss of cash flow, capital coming in,whether it's from a job or whether it's from another investment. And the thirdone that they consistently alluded to, was a major event in their life. Andprimarily, they were talking about health. I'm not capable of earning, I'm notcapable of, you know, doing what I've been doing in my life to create thefinancial stability that I have. You know, Craig Hanson is a perfect example ofthat. My question would be this is, you know, do you have to have a major eventin your life before you have a plan B, to overcome the unknown, right, worstcase scenario, God bless, nobody passes, but you know, life insurance, andthose kinds of things are set up for that, but we'll have life insurance, butwe don't have you know, major life event insurance, like we you know, unlessit's Aflac in the dark and all of that silliness. I'm talking at a higher levelhere. What would it be like if those pieces of the puzzle were in place, and Iwould want your relationships be a little bit better, whichever, a little moreserenity Would you not be waking up at three o'clock in the morning, you know,maybe riddled with a little bit of fear, doubt and insecurity. And I'm notplaying doom and gloom. But what I am telling you is this is January 1 2021 iscommon. We'll all be able to look over our shoulders at 2020. And probably usesome very unpleasant words to describe that year. All right, but 2021 iscommon. What are you going to do in 2021? That was different from 2020. Thatwas different from 2019 1817. Are you going to do the same thing over and overagain, expecting a different result, which as we know, is the definition ofinsanity. And I don't want to get so boxy. But what I do want to do is likechallenge you, I challenge you to pick up the phone and call us at freedomventure investments, and explore more of what we do for accredited investors,call us at 781-922-4418. I challenge you to do that I challenge you to get moreinformation. I'm going to I'm going to describe an asset to you this is aproperty that we have. And what I what I'm going to challenge you to do isimagine what it would be like to own a piece of something like this. So we'relooking at 160 unit apartment complex right now it's in the Sarasota Bradentonarea. Nice, nice, nice, complex 160 got a nice mix of units. Every unit haswasher and dryer, nice windows, patios, balconies, imagine the palm trees. Theproximity to Sarasota is largest employers is right there. So we let the tenantbase, nice factors for this access to beaches, etc, etc. We love all of that.So this property was built in 96. Full renovation was started by the owner in2017. But here's the challenge, right? This owner has multiple businesses outof state actually, in Minnesota. We know the challenges that Minnesota had thissummer, a lot of his businesses were hurt badly. And his focus his attention onthis particular asset has gone elsewhere. And he's to a point now where he justwants to sell it 25% of the units in this 160 unit complex needing to interiorrenovations, nothing too crazy. But we're prepared to take this over, buy thisasset and do the work, right. And as of the underwriting date, less than 50% ofthe improve units have been adjusted to their market rent. So those are hugeopportunities for us as investors to finish the rehab on the units that needit, raise the rents a little bit on the ones that that'll accommodate for that.So when we look at it, from a financial standpoint, a beautiful 160 unitcomplex in the Sarasota marketplace, we can buy this for 8 million for 50,we'll put in an additional 400,000 to make it the most wonderful property inthe area, right, we'll increase the rents. So the income on this one willincrease about 160 we're projecting 160,000 Well, because it brings in thatmuch more money, it creates more value in the property. So when we look attargeted returns on these things, year one, the targeted returns are 11 andthree quarter percent leverage and all the way up over five years we targetedout at 17 and change the equity multiple on it is 2.1 is what we're targeting.What that means is for every $1 that an investor puts in, when they get theirprincipal back their equity, we're targeting to give them an additional dollarand 10 cents 1.1 so I don't know, I challenge you pick up the phone 78189224418and that's just one of the apartment complexes that we've underwritten in thepast couple of weeks. Begin to plot out what 2021 will mean for you. Asksomebody what you can do for them. Instead of asking what can you do for me andsee how that fits. They've seen more real estate revealed you could check usout at freedom 781922441 a, any securities being


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