Chief Operating Officer

Eric Wilson

My Bio

Accomplished financial professional

Eric Wilson is an accomplished financial professional with a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and business. Eric’s passion for real estate can be credited to the impact that his savvy investments have had on his own life. As a pioneer in the tech-driven business arena, he specializes in using innovative technologies to implement systems that exponentially enhance a business’s efficiency and potential for success.

Eric has had an exceptional career to date, beginning with the launch of his own tech-startup during his early studies. While pursuing his MBA with a concentration on Information Technology Management, he was operating a property management company that lead to his first multi-family acquisition within months of graduating college. Thereafter, Eric moved on to work as the lead systems analyst on cutting-edge algorithms with Fidelity Investments. Having worked with the most progressive technology in financial services, Eric has since built and implemented proprietary marketing and automation systems, which have been invaluable to the businesses that he has enhanced. Eric’s career skyrocketed to success when he and industry mogul, Dave Seymour, coordinated systems to invest in properties across the country and lend capital to other real estate investors.

As a young thought leader, he has developed a compelling perspective on the value of information. Believing that information is the key to harnessing a company’s full potential, Eric continues to build on his impressive background by creating automated systems that streamline the flow of information to allow businesses to work most effectively. With Eric’s ability to consistently achieve remarkable tech-driven results, the company processes information through proprietary data mining techniques, which allows FVM a competitive advantage in their target markets. Relying on Eric’s high-tech implementations, the company can focus on putting their clients first and simply securing the best deals for the fund.