Chief Investment Officer

Walter Novicki

My Bio

Founder of Alvani Capital: Merged with Freedom Venture

Walter first entered the real estate industry in April of 1986 when he closed on his first multi-family property, a four-family building located near Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. He quickly developed an affinity for real estate, particularly campus housing, and over the next four years amassed a total of 168 units.

In the Mid-90’s Walter turned his interests towards the mortgage banking arena and subsequently established Midwest Mortgage Corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company concentrated on the wholesale mortgage market with an emphasis on the utilization of emerging technology to improve efficiency while decreasing operational expenses. After the sale of Midwest, Walter relocated his family to the Florida Gulf Coast region to enjoy the lifestyle and to take advantage of the bustling real estate market. He founded Ideal Development and took a strong investment position in the local market by acquiring multiple parcels that were subsequently entitled, subdivided, and sold to major builders.

With the real estate collapse of 2008 Walter saw opportunity where many others did not. In 2010 he formed Alvani Capital, banning together with several other investors to raise over $125,000,000 and creating a private real estate trust. Under Walter’s direction the trust acquired massively discounted waterfront properties located in several key Southwest Florida communities. Because of his intimate understanding of the local market, strong negotiating skills and a keen ability to perceive potential value, that investment returned an IRR in excess of 20% when it was liquidated in 2015.

In 2016 Walter was offered the opportunity to travel nationally and share his unique skill set. Over a four-year period, Walter helped train thousands of investors in nearly every major US market while continuing to grow both Ideal Development and Alvani Capital. Walter serves as the Fund’s Chief Investment Officer and is charged with overseeing all aspects of the acquisition and improvement process.