Renter By Choice


Our communities serve the growing segment of the population, who want to live in a single family home without being tied down by a mortgage. The Freedom Venture Villas bring innovative lifestyle choices to those seeking the best of both worlds - a luxury single family home with maintenance-free living.

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Single family market share

There are 128.8M households in the United States. Of those, 36% are renters of some sort, making up 46.2M rental households. The majority of those renters are in apartment buildings, yet nearly 33% of all renters are in Single Family rentals. Recent consumer demand has propelled single family rentals as the fastest growing segment of the U.S. housing market.

Older Inventory Options

The current single family rental options are primarily in older, more dilapidated homes, scattered throughout neighborhoods.

Our build for rent single family rentals provide the massive share of single family renters (33% of all renters) the opportunity to rent a new home, equivalent to the luxury of a new apartment building.

Affluent Tenant Base

Home renters are more affluent, more likely to be 35-64, and about half as likely to move as apartment renters (per public REIT disclosures). Home renters prefer a single-family lifestyle to an apartment lifestyle, enjoying more bedrooms, more privacy, a yard, a garage, and a washer/dryer. This is the "renter by choice" segment of the market.

Community VS Scattered Homes

Our tenants enjoy living in a community of renters and not being the only renter in a neighborhood of home owners. This environment creates a community that is united in renting without the fear of judgement or pressure to buy.

In addition, our tenants are at ease, knowing that their home will not be sold from underneath them.

Single family rentals have historically been only 10% of rental construction, despite being 33% of all U.S. rentals. Presenting opportunity for new inventory.


After acquiring the land parcel, our team establishes entitlements.

Phase 1


Our construction vertical develops the homes in efficient phases.

Phase 2


Through niche marketing we attract the right tenants to fill our communities.

Phase 3
Single Family

Rental Communities

Institutional investors currently own about 300,000 U.S. homes, or 2% of single-family rental homes, according to a report by New York-based financial firm Amherst Pierpont Securities LLC. About 85% of the single-family rental market is owned by investors with 10 or fewer properties.

Single family rentals as a scattered portfolio of homes are management intensive. Yet as a community, investors enjoy the economies of scale of a multifamily investment, while meeting the growing demand for single family rentals.

Find your dream home
Find your dream home
The Opportunity For

Superior Returns

Our multi-phase projects are designed to give investors the opportunity to capture the equity gains of a ground up development project and/or step into the stabilized asset for ongoing cash flow from the rental income. For some projects, there is an opportunity for early investors to have their principal investment from the development phase returned during a refinance, and then remain in the asset for ongoing cash flow.