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We are focused on markets that demonstrate consistent rent growth, low vacancy, and a growing Real GDP. Our goal is to demystify commercial real estate through transparent offerings and world class investments typically reserved for industry insiders.

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Our private real estate funds provide the opportunity for above market returns, tax efficiency, low volatility and diversification.

Freedom Venture Real Estate Fund I

A Fund designed to deliver stable, passive income and appreciation. It owns and operates multifamily properties and is supplemented by strategic debt investments.


Growth & Income


Core Plus



Become a co-owner in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets.

We help accredited investors, family offices, and other wealth management firms take their portfolios to the next level by opening up our private offerings from one simple platform.

What We Do

Help busy professionals passively invest in incoming-producing real estate.
Target multifamily assets with strong cash flow and above-average returns.
Deliver attractive absolute returns.
Create value through operational efficiencies, renovations, and rebranding.

Investor Benefits

Passive Income
We look for deals that provide exceptional cash on cash returns which means a check for you every quarter.
Tax Advantages
With our fund structures, our Investors benefit from legal tax avoidance including depreciation and 1031 Exchanges.
Expert Management
When you invest with Freedom Venture, you get the luxury of investing on autopilot. Let the experts do the work for you.
Low Volatility
Our multifamily assets are valued based on their income, most of which comes from tenant rents. The nature of the leasing life cycle means we are not as vulnerable to market volatility as other asset classes.
Superior Absolute Returns
Our offerings generate high absolute returns taking into account appreciation, depreciation, and cash flows generated over time. All with a lower risk profile than the majority of available options.
Multifamily apartments have an incredible track record and will continue to be in high demand in the years to come. As a firm, we are planning for the long term and will remain private to keep our investors interests aligned.
Learn About Our Strategy
Freedom Venture & Alvani Capital

Opportunities in Florida's Gulf Coast for FV Fund I

Freedom Venture and Alvani Capital have partnered to capitalize on a unique opportunity along Florida's Gulf Coast as well as other key markets throughout the Sunbelt region. Our team has identified assets that have been mismanaged amidst the recent pandemic making for attractive acquisition prices. Our local teams are ready to make light improvements, increase occupancy, and improve operational performance.

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