Building Resilient Wealth: Ground-Up Development and Long-Term Hold

Eric Wilson


July 17, 2023

4 min read

Eric Wilson


July 17, 2023

5 min read

There's a familiar saying amongst investors: "Buy land, they're not making it anymore." This advice, attributed to Mark Twain, hits on the basic premise of our investment philosophy.

A large part of our business involves developing and holding high-quality multifamily properties for the long term. We see this not just as a method of creating lasting wealth, but as a chance to positively impact communities and deliver robust returns to our investors. But, how exactly do we ensure that our approach holds strong, even in unpredictable economic climates? The answer lies in conservative underwriting and a focus on enduring value.

The Strategic Edge of Ground-Up Development

While objectively a higher risk endeavor than acquiring an existing asset, ground-up development offers a unique set of advantages:

Customized Design

With ground-up development, we can create properties that cater to contemporary lifestyle preferences and market demands. By designing properties that appeal to today's tenants, we can bolster rental income potential.

Cost Efficiency

Though development requires an substantial upfront investment, the long-term efficiencies that are created can be substantial. New properties tend to have fewer maintenance issues than older ones, minimizing repair and upkeep costs.

Positive Community Impact

By constructing new developments, especially in emerging neighborhoods, we can stimulate local economic growth. This community development often drives property appreciation, further bolstering investor returns.

The Art of Conservative Underwriting

A pivotal component of our investment strategy is conservative underwriting. Our priority is to "buy right," ensuring that each deal is financially sound and has significant potential — or as we say, "meat on the bone." Here's how this underwriting style enhances our strategy:

Ensuring Sustainable Returns

We aim to structure deals so that even in worst-case scenarios, such as economic downturns, the properties generate positive cash flow. Our underwriting standards provide a safety cushion, protecting investors from market volatility.

Pricing for Resilience

Our properties are priced to be competitive without trying to match the highest rents in the market. By setting rents slightly below the top of the market, we ensure our properties maintain high occupancy rates, resulting in consistent income.

The Long-Term Hold: Maximizing Value

Holding onto a well-developed multifamily property for the long term has undeniable advantages:

Consistent Cash Flow

Multifamily properties provide steady cash flow through rent collection. As market conditions change, rental rates can be adjusted, often resulting in increased income over time.

Appreciation Benefits

Property values generally increase over time. By holding onto high-quality multifamily properties, investors can benefit from this appreciation.

Tax Advantages

Long-term real estate ownership offers tax benefits like depreciation deductions, which can offset rental income for tax purposes.

Expanding Equity and Portfolio Growth

With time, as the mortgage is paid down and property value appreciates, investors build equity. This equity can be leveraged to acquire more properties, expanding a portfolio without large additional cash injections.


Developing and holding multifamily properties isn't just a strategy; it's a commitment to creating sustainable living spaces that endure across market conditions. It's a vision that respects market trends, caters to community needs, and delivers consistent value to our investors.

By adopting conservative underwriting practices and keeping our eyes fixed firmly on long-term value creation, we're building a future that benefits everyone involved — our residents, our communities, and our investors.